Why Choose KAYO?
At Misano Moto Imports UK we are now the official and sole distributor of KAYO MINIGP MR150 and MR250 race bikes in the UK and Ireland. Kayo MiniGP bikes are being used all over the world in competition from USA to Europe and Asia. From the novice rider to the the motogp star, KAYO bikes offer something special to all levels of riders.

There is now a huge opportunity for race clubs in UK and Ireland to avail of the KAYO MiniGP so it can be used in competition, whether it is in a KAYO exclusive championship or against other bikes.

In the early 90's minigp racing with 12" wheel GP bike styled motorcycles was hugely popular. As the price of the motorcycles increased, fewer people were able to get involved, and with the banning of 2-stroke motorcycles, new motorcycles were no longer available.
During these times, many great motorcycle racers came out of minigp racing.
Top names such as Nicky Hayden, Jake Zemke, John Hopkins and many more all used minigp motorcycles to hone their skills and later went on to racing in bigger competitions.

Kayo's minigp was designed to fill the void, providing a racing quality motorcycle at an affordable price.
Riding a minigp bike, riders use the same techniques as those used while riding bigger superbikes or GP bikes.
Because the minigp motorcycles are ridden on smaller karting tracks, the lower speed makes pushing to the limits less risky than riding bigger motorcycles, and allows the rider to confidently explore the limits of the motorcycle.
Lower running costs also allows more people to get involved without huge investment.
Minigp racing is for riders from 7 years old an up, and many of the enthusiast are adult riders. These are perfect motorcycles for young riders to learn on, and could be a stepping stone for greater things to come. For the older riders, it's a great way to get out and race, but still be able to go to work on Monday.

Minigp racing is a great way to get out, have fun meeting new friends, and a great bonding experience for families who love racing.
See you at the track!
KAYO MR150 Minigp Review from Baylon McCaughey ex N.Irish Road Racer
If its good enough for Moto Gp Guys,Its good enough for you!
This IS the Future!
So you wanna be a racer!! For many youngsters, its a dream to become a motorbike racer, Thankfully, in to days environment, young riders have a much better chance of getting on a motorcycle at a young age.
Over the years, I have watched many young riders come from junior moto cross, or mini motos to become top riders, I have also seen many different “small “ motorbikes that youngsters begin their career on, however, just recently, I reckon, I have spotted “THE” machine, that will be the most use in bringing on a young riders talent!, the “KAYO”
Having watched some of the stars of to-morrow ride this bike at recent Track Days at Nutts Corner, KAYO MiniGP Importer, Daniel Parkinson, asked me if Id like a run out on the wee bike! Not one to turn down a run on anything with two wheels, I was a bit apprenshive at start, as I didn’t think I could ride it!, but after a few laps, hey, this is absolute mega!!,even got the knee down.
My run ended when I ran short of fuel!, But those few laps were enough to convince me, that this motorcycle, is, and will be the best machine for the budding young racer, who wants to further a career on tarmac on two wheels.
Over the years, I have ridden minimotos, pit bikes and Mini GPs , but whilst each of the aforementioned, play a major role in educating young riders of bike control etc, the KAYO is the miniature racing motorcycle, it has the works!, four stroke engine, race shift gear change, race style handlebars, brakes to match ,unbelievable handling! --- If only I was much younger!!!
I really see a future in this wee bike. Years ago, I rode the Metrakit bike, it was good, but a tad heavy, and somewhat harder to ride.
Any rider who rides one of these for a season, will certainly be in a much better frame of mind for moving on to the next level of his/her career.
I decided to take a look into this wee bikes history, I searched the internet to see what info I could find, AND--- wow!, Not trying to be smart, But we are so far behind here in Ireland!
The KAYO in the States and Canada was big business and still is, nurturing young stars and not only that it has a huge following from all age groups right up to the over 45's. In China, Thailand and Malaysia the bike is the mini GP bike of choice, these guys are putting out 30+ riders on the grid per race all on Kayo Mini GPs!
Throughout Europe the Kayo mini GP also features heavily in Spain(although they use a different engine), Poland, France amongst many other countries. Some motogp riders also practice on them in the off season to keep sharp, and wait for this-------2017 Moto GP Rookie Johann Zarcos Coach/Manager owns over Sixty Kayo Mini GPs at his race school!, So,If its good enough for Moto Gp Guys, Its good enough for you!
Few other guys who have taken a wee run on this bike had this to say;

Jonny Singleton; Former Minimoto Champion, 2017 Avon Tyres Stock Twin Champion
;” I was very impressed with it. It handles very well quite a sharp turning machine. Really liked the gear box in it , found the gear changes to be very smooth compared to the stomps. Good power delivery plenty of torque. With the right set up it can defiantly be a winner against the stomp gp bikes”

Jordan McCord. British Championship KTM Runner.
“My run out on could be said, that it was a good experience for me as it was my first time on a four stroke small frame bike with race farings, good throttle response and a good power delivery , a good bike to ride not to cramped for room as I am tall ,and could be tucked in well and good suspension as there was no slides when I was opening the throttle”

Jonny Campbell ;
Former Minimoto World Champion ,2018 Young Guns Champion ; still waiting on reply;
“I found riding the all New Kayo 150 to be a very good experience as I did not expect the bike to handle as well as it did ,with a bit more time and changes to suspension I believe it would turn and hold a better line through the corners , the 150 motor felt strong and pulled well out of the turns ,again a bit of trying different gearing would help at the Nutts Corner circuit .
The gearbox was very slick with smooth changes up and down the box. The brakes were ok, but could be improved, maybe thats cos Ive been used to a racing GP machine though!!”

Scott McCrory
“From the few hours I’ve spent on the bike I’ve gathered that it’s a strong well made bike and it corners exceptionally and the power throughout the bike suits my riding style as through the 5 gears there is always power when needed, certainly a bike for the future”

So how did Daniel (Parkinson) become involved in this new machine?

Daniel previously managed Misano Moto Imports CA, another store in Vancouver, Canada when Kayos sales were in full swing. Basically Daniel worked for an ex Canadian GP racer the early 90's who also has ties to English and briefly N.Irish race teams, and a good friend of his. They sold a tonne of Kayos out there so this is where Daniel first gained my knowledge of the bike.
Daniel then had the opportunity to start a new branch of the business in Omagh to serve to the UK and European customer base for motorcycle accessories (brake and clutch levers, etc).
Recently Kayo gave Daniel @ Misano Imports the green light to import the new MR150 and MR250 minigp bike only, with no re branding, just to be sold as the KAYO ,as this is how it is known worldwide apart from the UK.

Daniels job now, is to get the Kayo out on the track in the UK and Ireland and right now this is only possible with the Irishminibikechampionship who are the only club that allow the bike to be raced within their rules. Hopefully other clubs will follow suit in the future, as it really seems a shame that it cannot be used elsewhere. The Kayo is one of the few minigp bikes,if not the only bike which combines a full range of OEM spares along with a full aftermarket line called "KRP" which provides after market, visual and performance upgrades. KRP parts here, https://misanomotoimports.co.uk/collections/kayo-
Kayo Details;
The new 2016/2017 model has kept the frame but the main difference being the engine which is a 150cc 4 stroke, 2 valve, single camshaft engine, not horizontal but vertical cylinder. KAYO has broken away from the competition who are mainly using a horizontal style engine found in many other minigp bikes and pitbikes which use 4 gears compared to the 5 deployed with the Kayo Minigp. When it comes to reliability the ZS150 engine is bullet proof which in turns leads to less expensive racing. The beauty of the new Kayo MR150 is that it is competitive straight out of the box as we have witnessed at the nutts corner practice days so far. The feedback from the test riders has been fantastic, from power distribution, the feeling with the bike, the handling and the smoothness of how it performs on the track, also a lot of positive feedback on braking performance.
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